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welcomeI recently completed PhD research that explores the professional socialisation of young managers in a Blue Chip company. While there has been an enormous number of business books published on this topic, they mostly offer advice to young (and experienced) managers.

In contrast, very little research has been undertaken that helps us understand how managers learn to manage on the job. The exceptions are Linda Hill’s 1992 and 2003 books “Becoming a Manager” and Watson and Harris’s 1999 book “The Emergent Manager”. The former (like me) focused on new managers promoted from within the organisation, while the latter included both novice and experienced managers who entered management via diverse routes.

If you have read Linda Hill’s research, you will know that she focused on the experiences of individuals during their first year in management. My research extends this scope by exploring how managerial practice is shaped through different types of interactions with supervising managers, organisational culture, and role responsibilities.

I have been looking forward to starting these short articles so I can share and discuss – provided you get involved – the insights I developed when undertaking my doctorate research. Further ideas will emerge from my training and consulting work.

I will be discussing a broad range of topics in future blogs. Some will be practical in nature, while others will be better categorised as critical or evaluative.


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