Janet Brady, PhD

Organisational Linguist

Revisiting Communication Competency in Trainers at the AITD

communicative-competencyI am facilitating the following full-day Pre-Conference Workshop on Friday, 1st August 2014 at the Australian Institute of Training and Development.

Evaluating Trainers: Revisiting Communication CompetencyWorkshop Overview

What is communication competency in training and facilitating? How do we recognise it? How do we evaluate it? How do we formulate our feedback?

This workshop extends our current understanding of communication competency and the criteria we use to evaluate it. The workshop is designed for L & D professionals responsible for delivering training and/or assessing and mentoring trainers.

Participants will learn a range of communication concepts and, through small-group exercises using examples extracted from face-to-face interactions during training sessions in a variety of training contexts, and learn how to use these concepts to analyse interactions between trainers and learners.

This workshop provides an opportunity for new and experienced trainers to explore the communicative performance of others using concepts that are fundamental to effective communication but largely omitted from standard competency frameworks used to assess trainers.

Learning Outcomes will include being able to:

  • Analyse communicative performance using key linguistic concepts
  • Explain criteria used to evaluate communication competency
  • Provide explicit feedback using concrete examples

Topics will include:

  • Establishing coherence through framing and reformulation
  • Developing knowledge schemas, affiliation and alignment
  • Managing face and relationships during classroom interactions

Target audience includes:

  • Facilitators and Trainers
  • Train the Trainers who evaluate and accredit Facilitators/Trainers
  • L&D Managers responsible for the professional development of Facilitators/Trainers
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