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Entering the Leadership Pipeline: AITD 2014 National Conference

I am presenting the following concurrent workshop at the Australian Institute of Training and Development’s 2014 National Conference, May 14-15, 2014. Hope to see you there.

Learning at the coalface: Entering the leadership pipeline -Workshop Overview

Recent discussions on workplace learning suggest that the L&D community is increasingly interested in informal learning. Until now, there have been few advances in the ability of organisations to assist managers learn more from development opportunities due to a lack of understanding about how informal learning occurs in management.

Organisations often design talent management systems to provide managers and high potentials with opportunities to learn from experience, including a range of developmental interventions and self-regulatory strategies. If organisations don’t understand how informal learning occurs, how can they know if managers are maximising their opportunities to learn from experience?

This presentation will explore research undertaken through Macquarie University focusing on the experiences of managers entering the leadership pipeline in a Global 500 company. It include examples of learning occurring during work-based activities in a business unit and the company’s leadership training program.

Session highlights:

  • What do we mean by informal learning?
  • What sort of learning opportunities do managers have when entering leadership roles?
  • How can managers harness potential opportunities for learning from experience?
  • What sort of resources help managers learn from experience?
  • Do we misunderstand how leadership training programs contribute to learning?
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