Janet Brady, PhD

Organisational Linguist

I help companies to develop their leaders and managers

by providing a fresh and effective approach that enables them to communicate more skillfully

Who can benefit?

My expertise and approach to improving communication is ideal for a wide range of individuals and groups including:
  • Managers and organisations with a genuine interest in developing their organisation’s pipeline of leaders and managers
  • Organisations concerned at the number of voluntary exits attributed to managers
  • Professionals responsible for developing more junior staff
  • Anyone frustrated by recurring communication problems at work


A surprising number of leadership programs are ineffective. Evidence-based educational programs designed by an expert provide a welcome and effective alternative

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Ineffective communication is a leading cause of workplace problems such as people leaving because of their managers. Is it the same at your organisation?

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Learn how practice-based research provides leaders and organisations with practical insights and ideas for managing workplace problems

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Why Read My Blog?

I like to think and write about common, uncritically accepted practices used to develop leaders and managers.

Check out my posts if you get frustrated by management fads and fashions.

Lost Art of Managerial Communication Skills

Lost Art of Managerial Communication Skills

How can managerial communication skills be a lost art? Don’t leadership development programs help managers develop communication skills? You don’t have to have a business degree or be accredited by a professional association to work as a manager. But as any subordinate knows, effective managers have developed the art of management. Unfortunately, many large organisations… Continue Reading

Managing Up – What the Gurus Don’t Tell You

Managing Up – What the Gurus Don’t Tell You

I sometimes wonder if Gurus practice managing up themselves. For example, their readers – presumably subordinates seeking a few tips on managing up – get asked: Q.1: Do you know your blind spots? Q.2: Do you take the primary responsibility for managing the relationship with your manager? Q.3: Do you understand your manager? Q.4: Do… Continue Reading

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